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No uninsured damages
Mr. Mover of Ohio Inc. is a fully licensed moving company that has been in business for over 35 years. The company is fully insured with first dollar, full replacement insurance. Full replacement insurance is the only insurance we use, and is the only insurance that will fully protect your belongings.

Most companies only carry the required state minimum insurance of 60 cents per pound and consider damage to the home part of the move and leave repairs up to the homeowner.

Coverage of both the old and new home is another benefit of our insurance that you will not find at many other companies. Full replacement insurance varies among companies, and many companies offer what they call full replacement insurance. However, their full replacement insurance is still calculated on a per pound basis of around $2.25 per pound.

At Mr. Mover, full replacement means your item is replaced with an exact match or an item equal to the original purchase price you paid. Mr. Moverís insurance policy guarantees that we will replace or fix all damaged items based on original purchase price with no hassles.

Our insurance coverage also protects you from employee actions against customerís goods, theft. This means that all our employees are bonded, and we have checked out each one. Donít let your belongings disappear by using a company with subcontracted, part-time employees.

Mr. Mover's employees are required to pay for a percentage of their damages. This means our employees will strive to protect your possessions as if they were their own, insuring the absolute best care of your belongings.

No Hidden Fees
Our pricing is very competitive. Unlike many companies, our price is all-inclusive: insurance coverage, travel time, load, unload, placement of items in home, and normal disassembly and reassembly of furniture.

Your price is guaranteed because we come out to your home to assess the move and move conditions, and prepare an on-site price commitment. If we misjudge the level of effort required to move you, it is our loss, not an extra fee to you. We also offer a convenient low-cost box loan program.

Our estimates use line item pricing and are very easy to understand.

No Missed Deadlines
All of our employees are full-time employees, meaning they are accountable to show up on time. We use fully equipped trucks with all of the equipment and tools right on board.

We never overbook ourselves, meaning when all our trucks and men are accounted for on any given day we are full and no more jobs will be scheduled. We also put more staff on each job so we can complete your move as quickly as possible with no missed deadlines and no additional cost to you.

Mr. Mover guarantees that we will show up for any scheduled job, regardless of weather, unless told otherwise by the customer.