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We, at Mr. Mover, have the experience and expertise to efficiently and safely move your belongings as if they were our own.

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Mr. Mover proudly offers local and long-distance residential moving services.

Across town or across the country, Mr. Mover will get you there and we’ll customize your local or interstate move to fit your needs.

Local Moving Services
Full-Service Move
A full service move includes packing all the items in your home, from the attic to the basement, before we move you to your new home. All you have to do is call Mr. Mover and mark your calendar.
You Pack and We Move
This type of move involves you boxing everything up and getting it ready to go, and Mr. Mover moving it to your new home. If you can’t finish your packing just let us know and we can take over, or if you have a few items you're not comfortable packing we’ll pack them for you.
Partial Move
A partial move involves you the customer moving some of the items and Mr. Mover moving the remainder. Many people don’t mind moving their own boxes and small furniture items, but they don’t want to carry items like a triple dresser down a flight of stairs and up another fight at the new home. When this occurs we’ll be glad to move the heavy item, some of the heavy items, or anything you don’t care to move yourself.
Inner Home Move
An inner home move involves Mr. Mover coming to your home to move items out of a room or rooms so work can be done in the home. We will then come back to the home when the work is finished and place the previously moved items back into place.
Long-Distance or Interstate Moving Services

You’ve heard horror stories and if you’ve made a long distance move in the past you may have your own horror story to tell about late pickups, late deliveries (sometimes weeks late), lost items, shady drivers, etc.

If you are looking for an alternative you’ve found it. We’ll be there on the day you chose to load, and the day you chose to deliver, guaranteed!

Mr. Mover will handle every aspect of your move from beginning to end. We will not use a contractor to transport your load and we will not hire “day labor” to load and unload. We will give you the service the “big boys” reserve for their top corporate clients.

International Moving
If you are moving out of the country Mr. Mover will get you there. We handle all crating, packing, door to door transporting, and all the additional details specific to international moving. We will shop the shipping lines and provide you with the best rate possible. One call will get you on your way to virtually any place on earth!