Why Mr. Mover?

We, at Mr. Mover, have the experience and expertise to efficiently and safely move your belongings as if they were our own.

We are a fully licensed, and insured company. Our insurance coverage doesn't cover the bare minimum. We provide the same, full-replacement value insurance to every customer in our upfront costs.

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There are no hidden charges or surprises at Mr. Mover. You can count on our reliable, knowledgeable staff to honestly provide you with excellent service.

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We can be reached by phone at (614)985-MOVE. You may also reach us by e-mail at Mister_Mover@msn.com.

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How to find the right mover!
13 questions you need to ask to protect yourself and guarantee a move free from frustrations and unpleasant surprises!
1. Does your mover have a full replacement cost insurance policy from a licensed insurance company or do they only have the minimum insurance required?
Few carriers include full replacement cost insurance. Many only include the minimum limits of insurance required and charge you extra for additional coverage.
2. Are your valuables covered per pound or for the full replacement value?
If a moving company provides only the minimum $.60/pound insurance coverage required by the PUCO, then it will only reimburse you for damages to your valuables ”by the pound”. For example, if your 50 pound, 25” TV, valued at $400, gets dropped by a mover, you will not receive $400. Instead, you would only receive $30 from the insurance company. The Super Mover makes sure that you have the full insurance coverage you need to protect your valuables from mishaps.
3. Can they provide you with a copy of their “Certificate of Insurance”?
Mr. Mover can!
4. Is there an extra charge for insurance?
Many movers will provide you with an hourly rate estimate that does not include extra fees such as insurance coverage. The Super Mover provides all of the services you need in the upfront cost.
5. Are all of the movers employees of the moving company and are they held accountable for all damages?
Many moving companies use subcontractors only, not employees. All of Mr. Mover's staff are employees and held accountable to the company for damages.
6. Is your mover bonded or provide other insurance protection from employee theft?
Most moving companies are not bonded. If they are it should be on their “Certificate of Insurance.” Don’t accept any excuses why they're not. You won’t be protected. The Super Mover's insurance coverage protects you from employee actions against customer goods.
7. Is your mover a licensed mover with the State of Ohio with a PUCO #?
Mr. Mover is! PUCO #140332-HG
9. Is your mover licensed by the Department of Transportation for interstate moves?
Mr. Mover is! (DOT #961938, MC #410383-C) Avoid having your possessions impounded at an Interstate Weigh Station. Your mover should be able to provide you with their PUCO number to perform intrastate moves and a DOT number and MC number to perform interstate moves.
9. Does the mover's price quote only include the items you have inventoried, or does it also include travel time, insurance, disassembly and reassembly of furniture?
Find out what it is going to cost to add additional items and services. Make sure you ask this to avoid surprises when you receive your final bill.
10. Will your mover do a free on-site assessment and inventory of all the items to be moved?
Some companies will not come to your residence. They require you to provide the move inventory to develop an estimate. They may rely on you to underestimate the effort, and then charge you more after the move has been completed.

Mr. Mover is always available for free, on-site estimates.

11. Does the mover offer packing and un-packing services?
Mr. Mover does!
12. Does the moving company offer a low cost box loan program?
Many movers only sell their boxes at costs up to $5.00 per box. The Super Mover rents boxes at a fraction of the cost to buy!
13. Does the moving company offer storage services in a secure climate-controlled storage facility with a sprinkler system?
Mr. Mover offers excellent storage services to meet your needs.